Nice to Meet You!


Hi I’m Jill! I understand the importance of connecting with your doula and that choosing someone online can be hard so I hope for this to be a good place to get a preview of sorts, I would then recommend a phone chat and setting up a time to meet in person.

When looking for birth and postpartum attendants you should only consider those with whom you feel a connection. Someone you will feel comfortable with in your most vulnerable moments. Someone you won’t be scared to cry in front of, or scream at, and that you don’t mind seeing you naked!

A very important thing I want parents to know about me is that I’m not judgmental and that I’m not easily offended. My choices are only my own and I will always respect your choices. I want every woman I work with to feel educated and strong in her decisions and know that I will always support those decisions as best I can.

I became interested in childbirth and women’s health after the birth of my own four children and helping some friends with their births. I loved hearing what other moms had to say about their experiences and began consuming all the information that I could find about pregnancy and childbirth. I continue to always learn more and more and some of my favorite pastimes are still reading and talking to moms! I do as much as I can to stay current in the field and keep memberships with DONA International (Doulas of North America) and ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association).

A little about me:
I LOVE my family. Being with them is my favorite.

I’m an advocate for positive and attachment parenting practices. Over the years I’ve helped many parents learn to use baby carriers, breastfeed, and create an attached bond with their children. My love of behavioral sciences and anthropology is closely intertwined with childbirth and parenting and I’m always looking for more research about all the amazing ways our bodies manage do what they do. I also enjoy getting outside, herbal and alternative medicine, nutrition, gardening, crafting, and hanging out with our animals.