“Given my labor was lengthy and did not seem to be progressing as we hoped, Jill’s support and encouragement was so instrumental in getting through labor drug free! I was truly exhausted to the point of giving up but she worked with the hospital staff to encourage labor and Hal was born a short 22 minutes later! I know that no birth class could have provided the same amount of knowledge, support and impact that she provided on that day. Preparing for that day with her gave us peace of mind to know that we had an experienced individual to help us use the right positions for the circumstance and create a calm atmosphere where we could enjoy the experience.
I also really appreciated that Jill was available by phone for any questions and offered advice and suggestions. Nobody really wants to share that they lost their mucus plug with their friends (particularly ones that haven’t had a baby), but it was nice to share important milestones with someone! Jill is a laid back individual that remains calm and was exactly the type of person we needed to help us keep our cool.”    ~Jenna~

“I hadn’t heard of the term doula while I was pregnant with my first child. I was induced due to a complication and had a somewhat traumatic delivery. So when I got pregnant with my second child I knew I wanted to have someone other than my husband in the delivery room for additional support. Since my first pregnancy I had moved out-of-state and had no family around, that’s when I learned about doulas and I found Jill. We met a few times before my due date so that we could get to know each other and discuss my ideal birth plan. Jill’s calm demeanor and knowledge of the process helped soothe my anxieties and gave me the confidence that I needed. I had hoped for a natural, unmedicated childbirth and with her support I was able to achieve that. The impact that Jill had on my birth experience was not only beneficial to me, but to my husband as well. A doula is right there with you on one of the most important days of your life, so it’s incredibly important to find the right person. I could not be more grateful to have had Jill with me during the delivery of my daughter.”

“Jill is amazing! Jill was part of my birth team as a sibling doula to my 23 month old highly sensitive daughter, Arianna. I had never left Arianna with a sitter and without any family living near by and an unscheduled birth looming closer I was overwhelmed with guilt and anxiety over who would care for her while I gave birth to baby sister. I found Jill online, and after an intro meeting where we discussed parenting/childcare philosophy I knew she would be a fantastic fit.
Jill spent many hours working at Arianna’s pace to gain her trust and acceptance. We started out slow with group play, and gradually worked our way up to me leaving to run errands while they played together.
Jill was immediately responsive when my labor started and her calm arrival and presence were a blessing to both my husband and I, as well as Arianna. I was able to head off to meet my midwife with confidence that all was well at home. I can not speak highly enough of Jill. She is flexible, professional, excellent with children, and has an overall calming presence. Arianna greatly enjoyed their time together.”    ~Heather~

“Jill attended our home birth as a sibling doula and she was great.  Our 2 year-old son absolutely adored her and she easily kept him happy and engaged.  We were very comfortable having her around and she did a great job of helping with everyone’s needs post-birth.  We would definitely call her again.”    ~Lisa~

“I began my search for a photographer, having learned the term doula a few days before. I reached out in a Mom’s group for photographers for my birth remarking I wanted something all natural. Jill reached out and said she was a doula whom took photographs of all her clients who wanted them. We met and I was instantly at ease with her. We only got a chance to meet once before my birth but I felt way more prepared after just one meeting. During the labor and delivery she was the only thing that kept me centered. I had such a long labor I shudder to think how it would have gone if Jill hadn’t been there! Not only did I get my dream birth photographs, I got a dream birth experience, one I’ve since discovered doesn’t always exist. Jill was the reason. We are all so grateful to have shared that journey with her.”    ~Ashleigh~

“Jill was wonderful. She was at my baby’s birth [as an apprentice midwife] and she was supportive and sweet. She also did my placenta encapsulation. Along with the pills she made a print for us to be able to honor the miracle that had just happened. All around it was a great experience.”   ~Ana~