Sibling Doula Package


Sibling Doula Package ($1000)  Find the comfort you need during birth knowing that your older children are being safely cared for. This looks different for every family, some want siblings at the birth with a caretaker to tend specifically to their needs, some choose to wait until after birth to have siblings meet their new family member. Having a sibling doula present to focus just on your older child can help make the process of becoming a big brother or sister so much easier as well as ease your own mind. Read more about how to help your child adjust to a new baby on the blog!

I started caring for siblings because I saw the need for the care during home births. I love the idea of these kiddos having their own doula support, someone to help them through the experience of birth and help them come into their role as big brother or sister. Partners want to be able to be involved in the labor and birth and not have to worry about older kids. My children were at their younger siblings births and now that they’re older we all feel that it was an important passage for them. I also started realizing that there are lots of young kids becoming big siblings that haven’t yet become accustomed to being away from their parents. It’s stressful for everyone trying to imagine having to leave your child for the hospital (possibly for a long birth) when you’re breastfeeding, or co-sleeping, or your child gets anxious easily. My experience as a mom, nanny, preschool teacher, and extensive study of positive and attachment care makes me the perfect candidate for helping your child through this time. I stay up to date on my CPR training and also am trained in neonatal resuscitation

  • As a sibling doula, I work with children to make sure that becoming an older sibling, is a positive experience and a rite of passage. Parents and I build a plan of action prenatally so children are comfortable with me when labor starts. During pregnancy I work with the child to help them understand birth in an age appropriate way and get them excited for their new baby. We build a relationship together through short periods of play time building up to the birth. I bring big sibling books and a small box of toys to explore together during our visits.
  • I will be on call to be with your child during active labor and throughout your birth. I use baby carriers and positive parenting practices to make sure children are as comfortable as possible. Since it’s so commo0n to go into labor at night we talk about routines, bedtime, and figure out what makes your child feel safe. Many children feel sad to wake up to someone other than their parents but I do everything I can to make them feel better. Sometimes that means sitting with them while they sleep, or even co-sleeping.
  • The package includes two prenatal visits which are each about two hours long and more visits can be added for a child with higher needs or anxiety. One postpartum appointment is also included in the package to bring the relationship full circle with everyone settling in at home. This can be used in any way that is helpful to the family. Some choose traditional postpartum care, some choose special time for the sibling.
  • The package includes one healing meal for mama that can be brought to the house at the time of labor or at the postpartum visit.