Placenta Medicine

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Placenta Encapsulation – $250  ($200 for birth doula clients) Includes placenta medicine, placenta tincture, an art print, and a cord keepsake.

Placentophagy, or consumption of the placenta is something every mammal partakes in, including many traditional human cultures.  Although it’s not widely practiced in the United States, placenta encapsulation is becoming more widely used by the natural birth community and many women are reaping the benefits of thisnutrient goldmine. The encapsulation process is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta is gently steamed, dehydrated, and then ground to be put into a convenient capsule form. The capsules are taken similar to a multivitamin and have been known to increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones, increase breast milk production, restore iron levels, decrease the incidence of postpartum depression, and decrease postpartum bleeding.*

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I have received a Blood Born Pathogens Safety training certificate from the American Safety and Health Institute and take the greatest care processing your placenta medicine. All instruments and surfaces used are sterilized before and after processing.

*These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.*